“Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving” – Madeleine L’Engle.


‘Happiness in May’ is a space for story telling and inspiration.  From art to architecture, travel, fashion and food, May Noradee shares her love of everything from culture to couture.  A lover of healthy eating, May also posts delicious recipes she creates at home.

Inspired by her travels and a love of sharing remarkable stories, in the beginning May created her online diary as a way to connect with her family abroad.  Now, Happiness in May is widely read worldwide by those looking for an inspiring effortless style, and authentic knowledge-filled escape from their busy lives.

Spanning the history of Burberry’s humble beginnings to the rustic, architecture of Verona, Happiness in May is a curation of meaningful cultural experiences.  Through beautiful images and words that invoke passion and meaning, May’s warm, effortless style shines through these pages inviting readers to share in her experiences and live a life of discovery and joy as she does.

May aims to write at least once a week, unless when she is very busy with her day work as an architect and interior designer, in which case, the blogging may reduce down to once every two weeks.

All photographs and videos on this website are either taken by her or she owns the copyright of the production of contents produced by Julia Jevzikova , a young photographer who joined her team in 2016, unless otherwise stated.



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