The Best Matcha Mille Crepes in London at Sakurado SW7

Having lived in London for over 20 years, I must say that I haven’t found many exceptional patisseries when it comes to Modern Japanese Desserts.  Imagine my delight when one day I walked pass Sakurado, a sweet little tea room on Gloucester Road, on my way home.

Matcha Tiramisu

The charming tea room is home to the most delicious matcha mille crepes and yuzu mille crepes I ever tried in London.  The crepes are thin and moist, the cream is not too sweet, light texture with just the right balance of matcha flavour…  It’s completely addictive.

Since this is now my local Japanese tea room, I also tried other flavoured mille crepes, such as Yuzu mille crepe and Chocolate mille crepe.  I particularly like the delicate scent and fruity flavour of Yuzu mille crepe.  The Yuzu cream is a balance between sweet and sour flavour.  Very refreshing, especially for those who do not like sweets but want to try a mille crepe.  For those who like proper sweet dessert, Chocolate mille crepe will not disappoint.  The rich flavour of chocolate cream is heavenly and very satisfying.  I love having these with hojicha or sencha.

Food: Takoyaki, Chocolate Mille Crepe, Gyoza, Matcha Tiramisu. Drinks: Hojicha

Sakurado also offers other modern Japanese cakes and desserts, as well as classic savoury comfort food such as Katsu Curry Bento, Miso Ramen, Sushi, Donburi and Japanese street food favourites such as Takoyaki and Gyoza.


I like to have katsu curry and miso soup for lunch here because of the hearty portion for only £13.95,  a bargain for central London standard.  Sakurado is a fantastic little place for casual dining with friends and family.

Perfect for: Japanese comfort food. Quick lunch under a budget. Afternoon tea catching up with a friend. Family meal with kids. Eating solo.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Julija Jevzikova


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