Food That Clears Up My Chronic Eczema

Those of you who know me in person and those who have been following my blog from the beginning will know that I suffered from a severe case of chronic eczema since I was 12.  It all started after I moved to the UK to attend boarding school at the age of 10.

Growing up in the UK, parts of my body was covered in hideous, itchy, scaly rashes that just seemed to never go away.  They just got bigger and bigger over the years.  No matter how many NHS doctors and dermatologists diagnosed me, none of them could manage to work out “why”.  All they could do was prescribing me with steroid creams, and told me to accept the fact that these horrible rashes are incurable.  I just had to live with it.  Steroid creams never worked on me.  The symptom returned as soon as I stopped the treatment, often times even more severe than before the treatments.  Over the years, I gave up using them because they only worsened my health the more I used them.  It was like poisoning myself.

These eczema patches are not a pretty sight by the way.  They look rather scary.  Most of the time, they are over 10cm in diameter (which basically covered half of my arms or legs).  Needless to say that when I was a teenager, I could never wear any shorts or skirts without tights because one of my calves was covered in scale.  Basically it was continuously peeling.  The silver lining from this suffering was that I learnt to look after myself very well.  I was very strict with my skincare regime.  Keeping my skin clean and moisturised was of utmost important.

One day, I finally came across how to cure my chronic eczema by chance.  One of my university friends introduced me to a diet book called “The Food Doctor’s Diet” by a nutritionist called Ian Marbler.  We tried out this diet together to detox and hopefully lose weight.  Surprisingly, not only did I lose weight, the diet also managed to clear up my eczema completely as well!  The result was fascinating, so I adapted my eating habit and lifestyle to be healthier.  The experience made me realised that the eczema was my body’s reaction to food that perhaps I was allergic to but did not realised.

This line of thinking was confirmed when eczema returned as soon as I began drinking alcohol or eating unhealthily again when dining out.  Every time the symptoms returned, they became harder and harder to get rid of.  So, I decided to have allergy and food intolerance tests done in Thailand to find out exactly which allergens to avoid.  This time, the doctor not only could identify exactly “what” my body was allergic and intolerant to, but also the level of toxins in my body that had to be removed as well.  This diagnosis was the best thing that happened in my life because now after 3 years of following the prescribed procedures, I am finally free from eczema and became so much healthier than I have ever been.  It is not an easy journey, though.  To achieve the result, high level of discipline is required, especially if you love eating like me.

So, for those who suffer chronic eczema and have not found a way to clear it up without relying on steroids, perhaps you might want to try out the following steps:

  1. Take allergies and food intolerance tests, to find out exactly what irritates your body so that you know to avoid them.
  2. Daily Routines:
    • Drink a glass of warm lemon water every morning 30 minutes before breakfast, i.e. a juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water.
    • Increase vegetables and herbs in your diet.
    • Drink probiotic drinks.  My favourite is Yakult, but it can be anything.
    • Avoid sugar altogether if you can.  If you cannot, eat fruits instead of sugary desserts when you crave something sweet.
    • Avoid salt.
    • Avoid all food that you are allergic or intolerant of.  This can be very hard especially if, like me, some of my favourite food are things that my body is allergic to, but if you do not do this, you are slowly poisoning yourself.
    • Drink at least 2 litres of herb infused water per day.  I usually infuse rosemary or sage in my drinking water because of the following benefits:
      • Boost memory and concentration
      • Prevent high blood sugar
      • Strengthen immune system
      • Alleviates headaches
      • Stimulates blood flow
      • Improves digestion
      • Anti-fungal
      • Antibacterial
      • High in antioxidants
  3. Weekly Detox Routine [do this once a week only]:
    • Day 1: Eat only one type of high fibre fruit for one day.  No other food allowed.  I usually choose one of the following:
      • Apple
      • Papaya (my favourite choice)
      • Guava
      • Melon
    • Day 2: Saltwater Detox
      • Mix 3 tsp of sea salt in 1.5 litre of warm water.  Make sure that the water temperature is not too hot, so that you can drink the solution without burning your throat.
      • Add a juice of 1 lemon into the mixture.
      • Drink the 1.5 litre solution in one go if you can on empty stomach.  I usually do this first thing in the morning.  If you cannot bear to drink the solution all in one go, try to gradually finish drinking it within 30 minutes.
      • Lie down on your right side if you feel uncomfortable until you have to go to the toilet.  Do not eat anything until after you go to the toilet and finish emptying your colon.
  4. Exercise 3 times per week.  Make sure that you sweat, so that toxins are eliminated from your body.

By the way, I do not claim to be an expert in all this.  I just want to share with you my experience and what I learnt after years of searching for a cure. The most important lesson is that a healthy and clear gut is the key to keeping eczema away.  (definitely true in my case because my allergens are food based) However, it does not mean that I can never eat chocolate or indulge myself with a glass of cocktail ever again.  Instead, I learnt to limit the occasional unhealthy eating habit to a minimal, i.e. on special occasions only, and no more than once a month.

Anyway, if you ever decide to try adjusting your diet to cure eczema, please do not forget to let me know how it goes.


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