Ferrari: Under The Skin

Two days ago, I transmitted my very first live broadcast on Instagram of my experience at  the Ferrari exhibition preview from the Design Museum, entitled “Ferrari: Under The Skin”.  It was exhilarating that many of you enjoyed my walkthrough of behind-the-scene design process.  Wasn’t it wonderful how we could all experience the exhibition together, discussing our thoughts, inspirations from every corner of the world?  It was so cool to read all your comments and questions in real time, and responding to them.  I definitely will be doing more live broadcastings in the future!

Anyway, for those who missed my live broadcast on Instagram, here are some information and photographs of key pieces from the exhibition…

Ferrari: Under the Skin, is all about an exploration into the history and design evolution of Ferrari.  The show celebrates 70 years of creative development since the launch of the first car in 1947.  Here we get to see the evolution of the design of each Ferrari model with original sketches of the engines, archive photographs of the founder’s life and his early work.

This ambitious collection is the first outside Museo Ferrari in Maranello, to bring together early design models, drawings, personal letters and memorabilia as well as some of the most famous cars to grace to world’s roads and racing circuits.  Yup!  That’s right!  The majority of the iconic racing cars and sport cars are here for you to see up close.

The exhibition begins with 125 S, the very first Ferrari designed and built by Enzo Ferrari in 1947.  It looks completely different from the later models because at this stage, there was no aerodynamic study of the car’s form yet.  All emphasis was on the engine.


We then get to experience how the later models of Ferrari sports cars are designed via displays of various wind tunnel models, wireframe models of the form study, master models carved of wood etc.  I find this part of the exhibition the most interesting because of the level of precision and complexity that go into each car design are very evident here.

Other cars on display in this exhibition includes Ferrari 500F2, 250 GT Cabriolet, 250 GT Berlinetta Passo Corto ‘Sperimentale’, Testarossa Spider, Ferrari F1 from year 2000, and lastly the most advanced Ferrari to date LaFerrari Aperta.

This is definitely a must-see exhibition for every Ferrari fans and sports cars enthusiasts.  Hope you enjoy this selection of photographs of the exhibition.  Bye for now. ^-^ 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Julia Jevzikova


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