Transeasonal Must Have

There is nothing that works better with almost every single outfit you can possibly own, than a leather biker jacket.

I absolutely love mine and wear it with many of my outfits. It’s comfortable and effortlessly cool and can be dressed up or down and matched to every seasons’ wardrobe.


In these pictures, I’ve paired mine with ripped jeans and a casual t-shirt dress, worn as a top, but you can just as easily wear it over a dress with a pair of heels.

These photos were taken inside one of the construction sites of my current mews house refurbishment projects. As an architect and project manager, I supervise and inspect construction progress every day when a project is on site.  The most exciting part of a design project in my opinion is exactly now… when what I have drawn is becoming a reality in physical world.  These photographs were not taken during construction hours though.  I just wanted to show you a glimpse of what it is like to restore an old Victorian mews house, before it looks all pretty and new again.


A chic leather jacket is a wardrobe must-have. Unlike many fashion items, leather jackets have never gone out of style. They come in a range of styles, colours and cuts and, as I said, they’re so versatile.

A leather jacket can take you from casual chic, to glam evening with ease.


I always have mine close by in case I need to throw it on over an outfit, particularly if I’m somewhere with beautifully textured walls and a dimly lit staircase.


If you haven’t got a leather jacket yet, I highly recommend you add it to the top of your next seasons essentials list.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Julia Jevzikova




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