Lotus & Lavenders

They say accessories make an outfit and that’s definitely the case with the beautiful charm bracelets from the Chrysalis Nature & Lunar collection.  I love layering my accessories so Chrysalis pieces are perfect, especially when there are so many cute ones to choose from. 

I chose my charms because each of them has a personal meaning to me. The green emerald is such a stunning hue and it also happens to be the birthstone of May, my month of birth.

Because the colours in each charm are so vibrant, I paired them with equally colourful flowers in Kynance Mews where my design office is located.

The Lotus represents the meaning of my Thai name – Gochapoan.  It’s also a flower that signifying purity, perseverance and the ability to rise and grow from hardship in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

The Lotus grows in muddy, dirty water in South East Asian regions but produces delicate and fragrant flowers for us to admire.  Traditionally, Lotus flowers are used for worshipping the Buddha because they signify enlightenment through perseverance.  Scientifically, the Lotus purifies and oxygenates water in the ecosystem meaning transforms dirty water into clean water.

Since Chrysalis has named their collection in honour of the beauty of nature, where better to wear my treasures than in the Mayfield Lavender FarmMayfield is a certified organic lavender farm on 25 acres in Bandstead, Surrey.


Bracelets: Chrysalis [May Birthstone, Lotus Flower and Gold Expression Wrap]

Dress: Paul & Joe Sister [Similar Here]

Besides being a divine place to visit and take in the views, Mayfield also make lavender lemonade, tea and ice cream and a range of delicious lunch and snack foods. Treat yourself to a visit as soon as possible, the scent alone is worth the drive.

I’m so drawn to each Chrysalis piece as they are all created to celebrate the joy found in love and friendship, something I wholeheartedly believe in.  They are designed for sharing memories of those special moments in life and each piece is adorned with talismans and spiritual symbols, combining colour and meaning.

Lovingly created and worn with equal amounts of love, I get so many compliments on my bracelets and can’t wait to add more charms to them.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Julia Jevzikova




  1. Lucia N
    August 27, 2017 / 6:59 pm

    You look gorgeous in that white dress. Looks like you had fun in lavender field.

  2. Helena J
    August 30, 2017 / 6:58 pm

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous. Love your bracelets, so cute.

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