Midnight Street Style

Following on from my Christmas Outfit Post last year, I took my Peter Pilotto Midnight Coat to Seoul with me because it was very cold there… Like sub-zero cold… So the ice-scape inspired patterns fits perfectly with the environment.  There was not any snow while I was there, but plenty of frosts and ice every morning.

Unlike the look I wore on the ice rink that was very feminine and elegant, this time, I dressed down my Midnight Coat for a casual urban look.  As always, I liked to keep the outfit simple and comfortable because I had to walk around in the cold most of the day, so it was a lot more important to be warm and practical than pretty but uncomfortable.  So let’s just say I was aiming for pretty, warm and comfortable, ok?!?

PHOTOGRAPHER: Nanravin Naruemannalinee

PHOTO EDITOR: Julia Jevzikova



Coat: Peter Pilotto

Culottes: Uniqlo x Lemaire

Shoes: Uniqlo x Lemaire

Hat: H&M



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