A Cup Of Tea Redefined

One of the highlights at the Design Museum is its ‘Designer In residence’ programme, which is now in its ninth year.  This programme provides a platform to celebrate new and emerging designers at an early stage of their career. 

This year’s selected designers – Alix Bizet, Clementine Blakemore, Andrea De Chiroco and Rain Wu –  spend four months responding to the theme, ‘Open’, where their work are being displayed on the top floor of the new Design Museum building.


While I was at the Press Preview of the new Design Museum last Thursday, I was particularly intrigued by an abstract tea set designed by Rain Wu, a Taiwanese-born London based architect working across the fields of art and design with specific interest in materials development, narratives and interactive spatial experiences.


The Tea Set is a series of narrative objects that illustrate the cultural history around British cup of tea through an Eastern inspired Tea Ceremony.  Rain explained that she aims to reimagine the conventions of an exhibition and to design engagement with the audience in an experimental way, using food as her medium, which in this case is Tea. 


Tea ceremonies will be scheduled throughout the exhibition at the Design Museum once it opens its doors to the public.  Guests are invited to listen to a narrative read by the Master of Ceremony, highlighting the cultural and socio-history of tea, whilst enjoy a cup of English Breakfast Tea using her specially designed Tea Set.

It was unfortunate that there was no Tea Ceremony scheduled during the Press Preview because I was certainly very interested in taking part in this interactive art form.  For those of you who will be going to the Design Museum once it is opened, this special Tea Ceremony is definitely one event you should not miss!

For more information, visit www.rainwu.net


PHOTOGRAPHER: Julija Jevzikova


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