LFW SS17 Day 4: Burberry Makers House

As part of the new concept unveiled by Burberry last Monday 19th September, an exhibition at Makers House showcasing the best of British Craftsmanship is open to the public for 1 week only in collaboration with The New Craftsmen, a collective of British artists and artisans with its own store in Mayfair.

The exhibition created a powerful impact, amplifying the already overwhelmingly beautiful and inspiring collection presentation within the same space.  Here at the ground floor of Makers House, is the epitome of Burberry’s universe…  Various traditional British artisans and artists showcasing their crafts from book binding, calligraphy, sand casting gold and silver metals, classical sculptor, patchworks and embroidery, to name a few.  Then there was also a pop-up Thomas Café serving light bites and afternoon teas in the charming Nancy Lancaster inspired English Country Garden.  It was basically Burberry’s way of life, not just clothing anymore, but also eating, living and being…  A concept lifestyle destination. 

It was certainly hard to resist the impulse of immediately buying an embroidered skirt after seeing the lady responsible for the intricate detail, or getting one’s hands on those new bridle bags just to have them monogrammed with one’s initials along with hand-painted flowers drawn by an artist right then and there!

Below are some glimpses of the arts and crafts showcased at Makers House.  The exhibition is free to the public, so it is definitely worth a visit if you are in London…

Calligraphy with Rosalind Wyatt
Calligraphy by Rosalind Wyatt in a Gabardine Tent
Sand Casting with Grant McCaig
Sand Casting

Passementerie by Aimee Betts & Jessica Light


Patchwork with Rachel Scott



Sculpting with Thomas Merrett







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