FUTURE OF DESIGN, TODAY: Rising Stars on the Interior Design Horizon

Change seems to be the only benchmark that never changes in the interior design world, and the stylistic evolution is propelled by both established and emerging names in the industry. And while distinguished designers continue to count their project blessings, new stars on the sky of interior design are rising on the horizon, ready to bring their unique talent for visual expression to the ever-hungry market. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most promising new designers who’ve recently captured the industry limelight.


1.Lilly Bunn

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Source: onekingslane.com


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Source: lillybunn.com

A young stylist who recently managed to raise an appreciative brow among seasoned designers, Lilly Bunn began her career as a fashion magazine editor. Her love of interior design has roots at an early age, but as Bunn herself has said, it took her a while to “get fashion out of her system”. Ms. Bunn’s style is characterized by creative combinations of bold color flourishes, playful boho prints and accessories, and Nordic minimalism.

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Source: lillybunn.com

She says that fashion has had a deep impact on her work, together with Jacques Grange’s creations and homes of her friends she had a chance to pick up the design basics from during her formative years.

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Source: lillybunn.com

Bunn’s work has been featured in Vogue, Elle Décor, Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Lonny, and other renowned publications in the industry.


2.Eddie Ross

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Source: howtodecorate.com


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Source: eddieross.com

Another young star on the design heavens, Eddie Ross perfected his design skills working as a design director on several culinary TV show sets. For a while, he held the position as associate decorating editor for House Beautiful and senior style editor for Martha Stewart Living, and he also designed sets for many a reputed clients, such as Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdales, and Lowe’s.

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Source: eddieross.com

As a designer, Ross has a penchant for restoration of vintage and flea market finds, and most of his projects are centered on creative experiments of modern and renovated design elements. A lover of eclectic style, Ross swears by the mix-and-match approach to interior design because he believes it holds most potential for décor personalization.

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Source: eddieross.com


3.Caleb Anderson

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Source: drakeanderson.com


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Source: drakeanderson.com


Often cited on rising star lists of reputed design publications such as House Beautiful, Lonny, and Cottages & Gardens, Caleb Anderson recently joined forces with interior design veteran Jamie Drake within partnership enterprise Drake / Anderson. Known for his peerless layered approach to décor and effective juxtapositions of pieces borrowed from different historical eras, Anderson shares Ross’ flair for harmonious blends of antique and vintage finds and custom-built modern elements.

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Source: drakeanderson.com

Anderson’s projects are centered on tasteful combinations of timeless design and up-to-date style trends, in a mission to create interiors that bridge the gap between the classic and the new and infuse time-honored interiors with fresh aesthetic touches.

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Source: drakeanderson.com


4.Nicole Gibbons

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Source: sohautestyle.com


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Source: nicolegibbons.com

The owner of Nicole Gibbons Studio LLC and mastermind behind the popular design and lifestyle blog So Haute, Ms. Gibbons believes that lifestyle and interior design are a reflection of personal style. The star of Emmy Award-winning TV series Home Made Simple broadcasted by the Oprah Winfrey Network, Gibbons is a huge fan of eclecticism and design layering, and her creations are for the most part structured around masterfully executed combinations of classic and modern pieces.

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Source: nicolegibbons.com

The opulence of color, pattern, and texture and playful mixes of chic yet cheap rugs with vintage and modern prints, bold statement furniture, and haute accessories occupy the center stage in Gibbons’ projects, and her work has been featured in premium media outlets such as HGTV, House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart Living, Lonny, Real Simple, Apartment Therapy, and Elle Décor.

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Source: nicolegibbons.com


5.Benjamin Vandiver

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Source: benjaminvandiver.com


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Source: benjaminvandiver.com

Acclaimed as a refined aesthete and lover of layered style, Benjamin Vandiver is committed to the mission of designing décors that fit his clients’ aesthetic preferences, which is why his works are often described as chameleon-esque rather than style-specific. In his projects, Mr. Vandiver relies on the classic principles of quality, functionality, and luxury, and he has an affection for infusing casual, lived-in touches to minimalist backdrops to make each space unique, graceful, and comfortable.

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Source: benjaminvandiver.com

Vandiver’s work has appeared in Vogue, House Beautiful, Luxe and Domaine Home, Garden & Gun, Harper’s Bazaar, 1st Dibs, and he’s also been featured on Architectural Digest’s Ones to Watch shortlist.

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Source: benjaminvandiver.com

Judging by the number of talented new kids on the design block, the future of décor is a bright one indeed. With these young designers behind the industry wheel, we’re yet to see the golden era of décor style. These kids know what their field of expertise is all about, and they aren’t afraid of reinterpreting design conventions and instilling a breeze of fresh air to help bring about a sustainable evolution of design. Kudos to young design stars: may their works shine bright and strong!





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