“Life is like a piano.  What you get out of it, depends on how you play it.” – Tom Lehrer


Hello Everyone!  Finally, my technical nightmare and major backtracking on my design project are over.  I miss writing immensely… and playing piano…  Somehow, they are a kind of emotional therapy for me.  Strangely enough, I do not really like making conversations, but when it comes to writing, I can go on and on and on…  Or when sitting at a piano, I can just keep playing for hours on end.  Piano is almost like a form of meditation to me.  Every time I feel sad or a little depressed, a few hours on a piano always help alleviate the mood.  Perhaps the reason for this stems back to my childhood when my mother enrolled me for piano lessons, so that I would have a hobby.  Back then, I used to spend four hours practising every day.  I had to stop playing when I started living in London though because there was no room for a piano, but now I can finally have one at home.  So being able to own a piano again, albeit it being a vintage second-hand one, brings an absolute joy to my life because finally I can play again.  Recently, one of my neighbours commented that he had not heard my piano playing for a while.  It was nice to hear that somebody missed my waltz in the early evenings… hahah!

For this outfit post, I decide to draw inspiration from monochrome colours of piano keys…  The black and white…  As many of you would know, I do not usually wear black.  It has never been my colour because black is always too cold and superficial in my opinion.  Very unusual for an architect, I know!  All architects love wearing black, it is like their uniform, but not me!!  I love colours, especially the cool tones such as the blues, and neutral tones such as white, sandy beiges or greys.  However, black is the colour that is easiest to wear.  So even though it is not a colour I particularly enjoy, it is the go-to colour when I am too busy to think about what to wear.

In this occasion though, I am exploring the BLACK with this vintage Burberry dress.  It is very well tailored with fun details such as balloon sleeves and a matching balloon skirt, yet maintain a look of simplicity and sophistication.  It is quite perfect as an everyday work dress.  I found this beauty during one of my second-hand-shop shopping sprees almost ten years ago now for an absolute bargain, but it is still one of my favourite basic black dress.  In a way, it is these timeless elegant pieces that I aim to collect every time I go shopping because I like pieces that are wearable over several years in any season, rather than seasonal fashion trending pieces.  Vintage is always best whether it be interior décor or clothing.  Something with a history and its own story always add something special to one’s life.  Anyway, enjoy!



Dress: Vintage Burberry [Similar Here]

Shoes: Yves St. Laurent [Similar Here]

Make Up: Charlotte Tilbury – The Sophisticate


Photographer: Julia Jevzikova











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  1. August 19, 2016 / 1:16 am

    Love how this dress looks on you! Very sophisticated ?
    I had very different experience about piano.. I used to practice hours a day when I was a kid since 4 yrs and that had become my nightmare… and I refused to touch it at all after high school .. Now I pick it up from time to time and love the sound of it and sometimes I wish I hadn’t stopped it at all…
    Anyway happy weekend! Looking forward to the next post.

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