LFW AW16 : Belstaff Polar Pioneer – Sensuality for the Adventurous Hearts

“We were inspired by female pioneers venturing into the earth’s most bleak and hard-to-reach locations in the most challenging of conditions, protection from the elements, warmth and comfort are key themes, as are the stylistic influences derived from these lands and the animals and people that inhabit them.” – Delphine Ninous, VP of Belstaff Women’s Design

It is that time of year again when leading talents of the British Fashion Industry transform the whole of London into secret pockets of fantasy worlds for their collection launch. I love taking a short break from architecture and construction industry to hop around London in search of secret venues where each space is transformed into theatrical conceptual set to encapsulate the essence of each designer’s ideas for their collection.

One of the most exciting presentations I have seen on Day 3 of London Fashion Week so far was undoubtedly Belstaff Autumn/Winter 2016 Presentation where the crypt of old Holy Trinity Church in Marylebone (also known as One Marylebone) was transformed into a bleak icy cavern for their ‘Polar Pioneer’ collection inspired by an American journalist and historian, Edith “Jackie” Ronne’s Antarctic expedition in 1947, where she was the first woman to be a working member of an Antarctic expedition. Since the weather in London today was rather mild, the harsh grey stone of Holy Trinity Church Crypt did a fantastic job at setting a foreboding harsh environment for the collection reveal.

Belstaff Ice Cavern. Photographer: Yulia Jevzikova
Photographer: Yulia Jevzikova
Photographer: Yulia Jevzikova
Photographer: Yulia Jevzikova

‘Polar Pioneer’ combines a perfect blend of feminine sensuality with Belstaff’s traditions of unrivalled level of protection, durability, and luxurious comfort; resulting in stylish daily essentials that are highly wearable whether they be for everyday urban city living or a trip to extreme wilderness. Key designs such as colour block coats, leather backpacks, and animal skin patchwork cape, for example, were great pieces for autumn while patchwork fur jackets would be perfect for winter in a city. Layering of contrasting textures such as pleated silk organza skirt paired with suede ankle boots, cashmere top and shearing jacket gave a softer feminine sensuality to tough weatherproof pieces for day to evening wearability.

Urban Essentials: Colour Block Wool Coat and Leather Backpack. Photographer: May Naruemannalinee
Detail: Leather and Skin Backpack. Photographer: Rom Sangkavatana
Urban Essentials: Patchwork Cape. Photographer: Jason Lloyd Evans
Urban Essentials: Patchwork Fur Jacket. Photographer: Yulia Jevzikova
Layering of Textures: Shearling and knitwear with leather trousers. Photographer: Jason Lloyd Evans
Photographer: Jason Lloyd Evans
Detail: Leather Backpack. Photographer: Yulia Jevzikova
Layering of Textures: Pleated Silk Organza with Cashmere, Suede and Shearling. Photographer: May Naruemannalinee
Urban Essentials: Wool Jacket with Shearling Details. Photographer: Yulia Jevzikova
Shearling Details on Wool Jacket. Photograher: Yulia Jevzikova

A mixtures of polar and sporty motocross inspired pieces within the collection should also cater for the more adventurous hearts, with key pieces such as an all-in-one silk jumpsuit with embroidery details or a motorcycle leather jackets featuring a more feminine silhouette.

Motorcycle Leather Jacket. Photographer: Yulia Jevzikova
Silk Jumpsuit with Phoenix Embroidery Detail. Photographer: May Naruemannalinee
Detail: Embroidered Belstaff Logo on Bomber Jacket. Photographer: Yulia Jevzikova

‘Polar Pioneer’ is a much softer and most versatile womenswear collection from Belstaff to date in my opinion.  I love the layering of different luxurious textures, and the patchwork of different furs and animal skins to create not only garments that offer excellent protection against harsh winter weather conditions, but also rich and luxurious at the same time.  It is even better that key pieces such as the colour block ‘Rollins Coat’, the modern patchwork ‘Levitt Cape’ or the ultra sexy red and black motorcycle leather ‘Hendrickson Jacket’ are available for pre-order now on Belstaff Website, London Fashion Week AW16 page

As with previous years, Belstaff presentation was in interactive presentation format, which I always found to be more engaging because audiences had time to look at each outfit in more detail than a runway format, which was perfect for a brand like Belstaff where superior craftsmanship and combinations of unique textures were central to the brand identity.  This time, however, I went to the show wearing my own selection of Belstaff Spring/Summer 2016 pieces. More on this look will be posted in a separate article when I have a bit more time to post, but for now, please see below some captured moments of the show’s ice cavern atmosphere and sneak peeks of my Belstaff outfit. Enjoy!



Belstaff Show Entrance in Belstaff SS16. Photographer: Yulia Jevzikova
Belstaff Polar Pioneer. Photographer: Rom Sangkavatana
Olivia Palermo and Tali Lennox
Olivia Palermo and Tali Lennox at Belstaff AW16. Photographer: Nick Harvey
Liv Tyler and Glenda Bailey
Liv Tyler at Belstaff AW16. Photographer: Nick Harvey
Photographer: Rom Sangkavatana
Photographer: Yulia Jevzikova
Styling on set at Belstaff AW16 Presentation. Photographer: May Naruemannalinee
Charlotte Wiggins at Belstaff AW16. Photographer: Rom Sangkavatana
Photographer: Yulia Jevzikova
Betty Bachz
Betty Bachz.  Photographer: Nick Harvey
Blogger at Belstaff AW16. Photographer: May Naruemannalinee
Photographer: Rom Sangkavatana
Models wearing Belstaff Winter 16 Womenswear collection
Belstaff AW16 Collection with Designer Delphine Ninous. Photographer: Jason Lloyd Evans





  1. Orla W
    February 23, 2016 / 6:52 pm

    This is a lovely collection. I did not even know that Belstaff has womenswear!

  2. Ho Hsin Wei
    February 24, 2016 / 6:15 pm

    omg I am loving it!! Love all those patchwork cape patchwork fur and fur knit mix and I want the shearling coat..

  3. Tara C
    February 24, 2016 / 6:54 pm

    Love the silk organza skirt. SO COOL.

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