Finished my exams and dissertation just in time for New York Fashion Week to begin.  August has been pretty exhausting, I am so glad that the bulk of my study is over.  Only the oral examinations at the beginning of October now, so I have time to focus on my design work and of course Fashion Weeks…

I have always loved New York in Fall.  It is the best time of the year to be here, and the energy is even higher with the presence of New York Fashion Week in the city.  For some reason, I can always feel the movements, the optimism, the high energy, every time I visit New York.  The atmosphere is a complete contrast to London where everything is so static and muted even if it is as cosmopolitan.  There is something much more diversed, much more democratic about New York.  It really is a place where people come to persue their dreams.  I have so much to write about this city, but first let’s focus on the fashion.  Anyway, my favourite shows so far are:


If you follow my blog regularly, you probably already know that I have quite a crush on Coach SS15 with their collaboration with Gary Baseman.  Their SS16 show, however, completely exceeded my expectations and pretty much an announcement that Coach with Stuart Vevers at its helm is the brand to watch from now on.  Stuart Vevers has transformed the High Line into a giant catwalk complete with its prairie feel to complement the collection’s theme of delicate floral hippies.  The prairie housewife floral inspired prints and patchwork were given a modern twist which made the pieces fun and easy to wear.  I also liked the contrasts of soft floral tiered skirts with strong leather waist coats or jackets, which made the whole look very cool and edgy.


The Highline transformed into a Catwalk for Coach


Photograph courtesy of Coach


Photograph courtesy of Coach


Photograph courtesy of Coach


This is the first time that I have seen Victoria Beckham’s full collection, and I must admit that I am a little in love with it.  The pieces are clean cut, minimal yet they create rather elegant and light silhouettes.  It is also refreshing to see that most pieces are midi length or longer, instead of the usual miniskirts everywhere in most Spring/Summer collections.  They are perfect everyday wear, with subtle prints and hints of bold colours to add character to the overall look.  It seems that many of these pieces may end up in my wardrobe come next Spring!







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