London By Air

This Summer had been quite a special time for me, what with the invitation to the Serpentine Summer Party for the second year in a row, but another experience I would like to share with you about was a private Helicoptor Tour of London which was most likely my once in a lifetime experience.

I had never been on a helicopter before, so I was both nervous and excited. It would be very interesting to see London Landmarks from the air, as well as the aerial view of whole city in general. Although, I had seen aerial views of London during landing and taking off when I boarded a plane, it was not quite the same as being in a helicopter that is flying over the city at leisure.

A few fascinating things I noticed while we were in the air though, was how fast a helicopter could travel! We could see the whole of London within 30 minutes, and that was flying at leisure. Did you know that it would only take 9 minutes to fly direct from Battersea Helipad, the only public helipad in London, to City Airport? Or that a direct helicopter trip from Battersea Helipad to Oxford would only take 20 minutes?!? It was astonishing that we could not feel the speed at which the helicopter was moving while we were inside it at all. The only comparison was when we looked down at moving people and cars that became almost like grains of sand, completely static as if they were frozen in time. It reminded me of the good old days when I sat and make architectural models in the sketch model shop at Foster + Partners, where we would glued plastic cars and people to the scaled model for size comparison, only what I saw in the air were not plastic people nor toy cars at all. They were real people in real life size.

If you are interested in chartering your own Helicopter Ride or a Private Helicopter Tour of London, please visit for more information.

The experience was rather difficult to describe in word, so I would let the pictures speak for themselves…

Our Helicopter Tour Route. Courtesy of The London Helicopter
Our Helicopter at Battersea Helipad
Can you see Buckingham Palace, the House of Common, Westminster Bridge and London Eye?
City of London Architecture Landmarks
O2 Centre and Thames Barriers
On our way back from Greenwich towards City of London
The Shard
Tate Modern, Millenium Bridge and NEO Bankside
Battersea Power Station and Battersea Park
My old office!! Foster + Partners and Albion Riverside
Helicopter Pilot for a day!



Photographer: May Naruemannalinee

Art Director & Photography Editor: Rom Sangkavatana [Please see for more detail]



  1. Steven
    August 16, 2015 / 12:03 pm

    This is awesome.


  2. Julia Jahnsen
    August 20, 2015 / 12:05 pm

    looks fantastic. I love your comment about making architecture models at your old office. It looks like a croissant from above, doesn’t it? lol

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