Les Fauves Part 2: The Monsters In Me

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned my huge crush on Coach x Gary Baseman Spring/Summer 15 collection of fresh, fun and quirky pieces of clothing and accessories, which is exactly what I like.  A little hard to choose which of Baseman’s Les Fauves is exactly my spiritual monster, I am partial between Kiki, the bird girl who paints her feathers red so she stands out from her flock; Emmanuel Hare Ray, a hare who has a hard time seeing because she does not realised that she has been blindfolded; and Buster, a playful monster with horn who likes to hide in a girl’s handbag and guards her secrets.  So I settle with a group of them for now.  I am just way too complicated and have too many alter egos, to just pick one!

One thing that I like about this particular collection, though, is its versatility.  Although the pieces are styled in casual and playful manners for the runway, one can easily incorporate them into any typical daywear for work too.  As you know I do not like to shop unnecessarily, so this is a huge plus point for me.  A quirky yet chic piece that can go from formal to casual to add a bit of personality and a sense of fun in one’s wardrobe, such as this blouse, is always a good thing to have.

So for this post, I decide to wear my Les Fauves blouse as part of a typical office daywear look…

Deep in thought with my new friends; Buster, Kiki and Emmanuel Hare Ray






Blouse: Coach

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Tod’s

Bag: Chloe

Watch: Tag Heuer

Ring: Bvlgari

Make Up Artist: Veronica Enna



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