A Night of Tirade

Last night I was invited to Tirade Magazine Launch Party to celebrate their latest Issue, and mark the beginning of London Fashion Week AW15/16.  This conceptual and cutting edge magazine blends fashion, arts and interiors.  The magazine promises to be “a showcase of stunning and memorable visuals of the best of what fashion has to offer around the globe”.  

With preview samples of Issue 5 available on the night featuring collaborations from leading models, photographers and stylists both established and emerging, it seems they have pretty much achieved their agenda.  I miss seeing a good conceptual fashion photography magazine, like when 10 was first launched back into the early 2000s…  These days, there are just too many instant pics on instagrams and fashion magazines are becoming really commercial and mainstream, it’s great to see something like Tirade on the scene.

Into the dungeon at Tirade Magazine Launch Party in Wellington Club.  Photographer: Julia Jevzikova

The event was held at none other than the edgy exclusive celebrities hotspot, The Wellington Club in Knightsbridge, which I thought was the perfect venue to showcase the magazine concept, with its arty punk-rock rebellious interior decor.  A complete contrast to its modest and polite – not to mention conservatively – canopied entrance on the street of Knightsbridge…  

The first thing you see when you enter the premise though, was this very cool, in-your-face writing on the mirror wall that sets the tone for what one can expect…  I have not been to this club before and I’m glad that Tirade Magazine has invited me because the venue fuses art, attitudes that say “who cares!”, punk-rock and comfort all into one in the most intriguing manner.  I loved how there are curious pieces to be discovered everywhere I looked… like every angle just surprised you visually… provocatively even… with either objects or writings on the wall, ceiling, floor etc.  One of my favourite quotes from the night was definitely “I am in love, but don’t know who with” in the basement dungeon and “Who the f*** are you” right inside the entrance…

The first thing to see when enter the Wellington Club.  Photograph courtesy of Wellington Club
One of the downstair corners in Wellington Club.


The writing on the wall says it all!  Photographer: Julia Jevzikova


“slower minds keep right!” at Wellington Club

The party itself was a fantastic fun with more than 500 guests from fashion, art, interiors, photographers, stylists, models, designers, journalists, bloggers and of course Tirade Contributors.  Here are some moments of the crazy night…

Full on party Tirade style!


Natalia of Belstaff found the decor as intriguing as I did!  Photographer: Julia Jevzikova


Amazing Hair Pieces.

Photographer: Beer Klongklaew

A special thanks to 2 very lovely and talented photography students Julia Jevzikova and Beer Klongklaew for contributing some of their photographs of the night on this post.  For more information about their photography portfolio, please check out:

Julia Jevzikova at https://www.flickr.com/photos/yuliayevzikova

Beer Klongklaew at http://beerklongklaew.tumblr.com/ 

.. and last but not least, a big Thank You to Tirade Magazine for inviting me to a fantastic night to mark the beginning of London Fashion Week…  I look forwards to seeing more of your magazines!


Dress: Paul & Joe Sister [similar]
Blanket Poncho: Burberry Prorsum
Bag: Chanel
Hairband: H & M
Boots: Prada
Make Up: Veronica Enna for M.A.C
Hair: Blo by Real Hair


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