Liquid Sunshine for a busy Monday

My favourite meal of the day is breakfast, but being a busy weekday, I don’t have time to cook an elaborate meal… So, I want to share with you a quick, delicious and easy breakfast that takes 5 minutes to make, nutritious and filling… the Smoothies!

They are so easy to make and can work with almost any combinations of fruits and vegetables, you just have to experiment…  Today, I’m making

Apple, Orange and Banana Smoothie


1 Apple
1 Banana
Freshly squeezed juice of 2 Oranges
3 tbs pro-biotic live yoghurt

Today’s Sunshine Smoothie Ingredients

Blend them all together in a blender….

Ready for blending

…and voila, delicious and filling breakfast for a busy Monday….  Enjoy!

My Liquid Sunshine for Monday Morning

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