Now that I’m at the airport waiting to board the plane back to London, I have a little time to reflect on my unexpectedly highly productive trip to Maison & Objet.  Initially, I was not sure if I should come to Paris this week because I had so many deadlines at the moment, but missing it would mean not having contacts of several suppliers that I wanted to work with on my current projects, so in the end it turned out to be an amazingly productive journey.

Out of all the fantastic new product launches, new designers and artists showcasing their work, here are a few of my favourites…


Lalique launches it collaboration with Damien Hirst at Maison & Objet with a limited crystal panel edition called “Eternal”.  

Crystal Butterflies by Damien Hirst x Lalique

Since the late 1980s, the insect has repeatedly featured in Damien Hirst’s work as a symbol of both the beauty and fragility of life.


Crystal Butterflies by Damien Hirst x Lalique

I love how these crystal tiles look like a panel of stained glass windows, they also present us, designers, with a huge range of possibilities in how they can be incorporated into any space.  The tiles can be hung, framed, set into the walls, floors, or made into a part of something else entirely… The possibilities are just endless…

For more information, visit Lalique’s official website at


The ancient Japanese art of Shibori has been given a new breath of life with a contemporary twist by Hiroyuki Murase, the 5th generation of the Murase family from the Japanese town of Arimatsu, where we, the Murase family, have been refining textiles with the traditional shibori technique for over 100 years.  

Shibori Artisan demonstrating the Shibori process

Now based in Germany, his collection of Shibori Luminaires exudes the air of minimalistic grace.  The simple and elegant forms are also light and versatile. I especially like how the hand crafted lampshades or “coats” can be easily removed from their frames for washing, or can be replaced with a new “coat” of fabric shade for a different effect.  Not only does it add subtle sophistication to any space, it is also really easy to maintain… 

Shibori Luminaires by Suzusan
Simple Maintenance.  The “coat” of each Luminaires can be removed and washed.

For more information, please visit

Elli Popp

Neo-romantic style wallpapers, murals, cushions and ceramics.  The designs are inspired by nature, blended artfully with the balancing use of colour, shape and theme.  I particularly kind the delicate feel of the hand sketches and ethereal watercolour effects in the designs.  Elli Popp’s collection adds a special vintage, crafty feel to any urban interiors…

Hand painted silk cushion, fabric, wallpaper and ceramics by Elli Popp
Hand painted silk kimono and ceramics by Elli Popp
Owls inspired sketches Wallpaper by Elli Popp

For more information, please visit


Another ancient Japanese craft is being revitalised by Tatsuki Hirota of Hirota Glass, the 4th generation member of Hirota Family who is dedicated to the practice of Aburidashi, a glass blowing technique which infuses animal bone powder into the glass blowing process to create subtle opacity in the glass material.  The reflections created from these glasses are mesmerising…

Aburidashi Glass by Hitora Glass
Mesmerising Reflections from Aburidashi Glass by Hirota Glass
Creations by Hirota Glass

For more information, please visit



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