Scent and Sensibility

As you may know, I am a fan of all things eco-friendly…  Anything that demonstrate intelligent use of materials and recycling as part of design approach or manufacturing process definitely capture my interest fast, so it is not surprising that when I found something that fits the above criterias, I get rather excited.

Amongst a sea of fragrance houses exhibiting at Maison & Objet, is a small eco-friendly, organic home fragrance brand called “BsaB”.

What intriguing about their products is the philosophy of “recover”, “redesign” and “reuse” process which, although not new, BsaB has managed to approach it in a very simple yet sophisticated manner.

BsaB Scented Beewax Cubes and Refill at Maison & Objet

Their “Scent Cube” which consisted of scented natural beeswax cube candle housed inside an oak frame, is one fine example of how simple but creative use of materials can result in not only extending the lifespan of the product, but also ensuring that the recycling process maximise the benefits to the consumer, whilst remaining eco-friendly at every stage of its life cycle.  The scented beeswax cube, when housed inside its solid oak shell, is designed to be hung in wardrobes and cupboards to provide long lasting scent to your clothes and shoes.  Once the scent has evaporated, however, the cube can be removed from the oak housing and burned as a room candle!  Meanwhile, a new scent cube replacement can be bought separately to replaced the old one.  So, not only does the “Scent Cube” perform as a lovely organic scent block for one’s wardrobe, it also, in fact, doubles up as a lovely pure beeswax room candle as well!  Now that’s what I call a scent with sensibility!

BsaB Beeswax Scented Cubes. Image courtesy of BsaB

BsaB Eco-Friendly Scented Products. Image courtesy of BsaB

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