New Beginnings…

Happy New Year Everybody!  Wish you all a happy, exciting and prosperous time ahead!

2015 has started in such a drastic way for me that I feel a little nervous, not to mention unsettled.  No, I did not went out partying last night…  In fact, I did not go out at all!  Why?  Because I have just moved to a new house, which will be my live/work space for the next three years.  It’s a big step…  I miss my little studio apartment in Chelsea.  It might have been humble, plain and tiny, but it was packed with so much memories, full of promises and positivity…  It was so inspirational to be there and my life changed in such a big way ever since I started living there seven years ago.  Although I am not saying goodbye to it forever, only temporarily while I expand and try to build a firm foundation for my company, I am nervous of what will be in store now that I have left my nest.

So, on the first morning in this new home of this new year, I feel both excited and nostalgic at the same time.  This empty shell is a blank canvas waiting for me to write the next chapters of adventures… and when I say empty shell, I mean it both literally and metaphorically…  The house is completely empty right now, except for my unopened boxes.  All I can do at this moment is to take a deep breath, think positive, look forwards to the future, focus my mind and unpack my life as quickly as I can, so that I am ready to continue where I left off with as little disruption as possible.  Soon, I will be able to show you what my new home looks like once it is decorated, but for now, I will just settle with making myself comfortable in the new surrounding in this Paul and Joe Sister outfit!










Sweater: Paul & Joe Sister

Culottes: Paul & Joe Sister

Bracelet: Chopard

Ring: Bvlgari

Socks: Tabio

Make Up: Veronica Enna

Hair: Blo by Real Hair


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