Mary McCartney Monochrome / Colour

Following another session of inspiring Samsung Bluehouse Expert’s Talk last Friday 14th November  2014 at the Beaumont Hotel by the celebrity portrait photographer, Mary McCartney, I just had to visit her solo exhibition “Monochrome & Colour”, which was in the same name as the books she had signed and given us at the talk.

Mary McCartney Monochrome / Colour Exhibition at De Pury De Pury
Mary McCartney Book Signing at Beaumont Hotel for Samsung Bluehouse Expert’s Talk

What I found intriguing about Mary McCartney’s work was her passion in capturing the essence of her subjects.  As she mentioned, her interest was in the art of getting dressed or undressed by performers because that was the transition when an ordinary person assumed a new role or a persona… they transformed into someone else, their alter ego…

This intrigue was visible in all of her portraits, both colours and monochromes, whereby the subjects seemed to be so at ease with themselves, while they were getting dressed or undressed, that it was as if they were unaware that a photographer was nearby, capturing their every move at all.

When I arrived at De Pury De Pury Gallery space at 3 Grafton Street, I was impressed by how well the exhibition had been curated.  The space itself was a beautiful example of a Georgian Architecture with rich ornamental details and textures.  The neutral grey tones of the architecture were the perfect complements to the oversize vivid colour portraits and the moody monochrome prints on the walls.

The neutral grey tones of the space was a perfect complement to the vivid colours of the portraits

Each gallery room was visually linked together by central doorway or large oversize windows which overlooked into each other, giving the visitors an impression of secretly peeping into another private space, a little like watching the subjects in the portraits getting dressed or undressed unaware.  This, I thought, was particularly effective in communicating the Artist’s intentions to the visitors.

Central Doorway framing a vivid colour portrait in the room behind.
Watching the subjects in the candid portraits from another room through a series of oversize windows.
Visitors are being encouraged to peek into a nearby room to watch the candid protraits on the wall.
Perfectly captured moments

For those interested in Art, Photography and Architecture, I highly recommend visiting Mary McCartney’s Monochrome / Colour Exhibition between 21st November 2014 – 5th December 2014 at:

De Pury De Pury
3 Grafton Street

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