Autumn Wraps + Winter Blankets

Exactly three days ago, I was chirping away about how lovely, hot and sunny London weather was even though we were now well into November… Well, looks like the sky has heard me and the windy rain is back with a vengeance…  Nonetheless, a little spell of wind and rain are welcome, just so I can finally layer up for Winter… Yeay!!

So, today, on my way to Burberry Festive Campaign Launch Party, I try a little experiment with the blanket poncho look…  I’m a big fan of wraps and ponchos for its simplicity and versatility, so it is great to see that this year they are one of the biggest fashion trend for AW14/15.

I like how one wrap can be worn in various numbers of ways, all resulting in completely different styles, like those shown in DKNY cosies campiagn for example.  Wraps have been my wardrobe essentials for years and I own so many shades of neutral colours just so I can always wear one with anything.  They also don’t have to be designer brands, H&M; and Uniqlo are very good places to shop for these items (That’s where I bought most of mine).  Then just follow the instructions on DKNY website for inspirations of the different ways one can wear the item, or watch the video below:

Anyway, enough about wrap cardigans… Let’s get back to the ponchos!  From the various runway looks for blanket poncho outerwear, there are many sophisticated ways to wear the item this season, but since my daily routine requires me to dress quite simply and casually most of the time, I decide to play with dressing down the poncho look for tonight’s outing instead.

Here I paired the blue blanket poncho with a very simple grey sack dress, and a small black belt was used to give the dress some shapes.  Then a pair of black knee-high boots completed the look.



Dress: Sonia Rykiel
Poncho: Burberry Prorsum
Belt: Happie Loves It
Boots: Pollini for Poste Mistress
Sunglasses: H&M;
Watch: Tag Heuer



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