Amongst the birds and the Bees at Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Show SS15

The highlight of my day today is, without a doubt, the Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Show for their Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.

My seat for 30 minutes!!


It may be one of the highest profile show of every London Fashion Week, the other being Tom Ford, but what excites me the most is not so much of the celebrity spotting, but because Burberry has always been my favourite brand, and one which actually occupies the majority of my very very tiny wardrobe space, especially in the outerwear department.  Why?  There are so many reasons…

Firstly, because I love the simplicity of the design.  It may not be eye catching on the hanger, but its quality of tailoring and attention to detail really flatter the wearer in the most subtle way…

Secondly, most of their design are very versatile, easy to wear, can mix and match for both casual and more formal occasions.  They are experimental in a sophisticated way, often a surprising combination of textures and materialities that results in the most charming, elegant and yet feminine looks…

Thirdly, they are extremely durable…  My first Burberry trench coat was given to me by my mother when I was 10.  It was the first and the only coat I ever had at the time because I had to come to the UK to study in a boarding school.  She said that it would be cold in the UK and so I should have a good coat to keep me warm.  Twenty four years on, that very same coat still keeps me warm, even though my outerwear wardrobe has multiplied since then (I haven’t grown much in height).  In a way, it is also sentimental to me.

So, it is like a dream come true to be there…  As my friend rightly said while we were at the show space, it was like wining the golden ticket to the chocolate factory in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

As expected, the whole production came together beautifully, from the glass house venue, which this time every surface was completely wrapped in bold yet colourful graphic motifs inspired by the English Summer, flowers, birds, bees and illustrations in old books.

Glass house walls wrapped in bold colours graphic motifs inspired from old book covers, birds, flowers and insects behind the trees


Glass house roof wrapped in bold colours graphic motifs inspired from old book covers, birds, flowers and insects

The colour scheme of the whole collection was bold yet soft and romantic, covering all hues of the rainbow.  Then came the contrasting play between soft sheer tulle fabric and the more rustic suede, leather or denim in bold colours and large graphic motifs, which again inspired by illustrations from old books.  The live acoustic performance by James Bay completed the experience by setting the mood of chilling in the park in a warm sunny day (and that exactly how the day was.. warm, sunny, breezy day in a glass house in the middle of Kensington Garden).

My favourite looks and pieces from today’s show are…

1) Stretch denim jacket with tight waist detail.

Model Malaika Firth opens the show with a waisted stretch denim jacket and a sequine pencil skirt with a mini bee bag


Close up of the stretch denim jacket detail.  Photos courtesy of

2) Cobweb tulle dress

Cobweb tulle dress in cameo rose


Close up of cobweb tulle dress.  Photos courtesy of

3) Slouchy leather travel satchel.  This is actually from SS15 Menswear Collection, but I love it.

Slouchy leather travel satchel with a book cover print

4) Book Cover Print Trench Coat with Patent Collar

Book cover print trench coat with patent collar


Close up of book cover trench coat.  Photo courtesy of

Apart from the beautiful clothes and accessories above, the high energy buzzy atmosphere both before and during the show were also something very special to be part of…


Pre-Show atmosphere: Fashionistas wearing Miu Miu


Anna Wintour and Dakota Johnson in front row opposite


A wasp waist denim jacket, worn with a graphic bee print and Burberry butterfly shades


Rainbow Finale


Rainbow Finale with James Bay live acoustic performance


Selfie time

Dress and belt by BURBERRY BRIT
Sunglasses by BVLGARI
Watch by TAG HEUER



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