Blue Monday

Lunch time stroll on a Monday, exploring the neighbourhood and catching some sun…  Who says that a working summer can’t be fun?!?  One thing I love about my job, especially when my design is being realised on site is the new area to explore, fascinating people I meet on my daily site visits!

Right now, we’re working in a lovely secluded little mews in Kensington and Chelsea area of London…  So, quite a shift in character from the gritty alleyway and the hustle, bustle of Covent Garden’s Theatre district.  It is much more peaceful and elegant around here, which is a welcome change…  I’m going to be writing more about the mews later, so stay tuned!

With an amazing sunshine like today, I decided on a pair of navy blue shorts from H&M; and a sailor stripe blouse from Splendid.  It’s just too hot to wear trousers now.  I tend to wear casual clothes and t-shirts to sites instead of the usual formal shirts and trousers purely because construction sites are really dusty… even though I will wear protective jackets, trousers and footwear on top of this anyway as it is compulsory for health & safety reasons, somehow the dust still manages to get everywhere…  Hence, best to avoid one’s best garments.  As usual, practicality comes first for me.


Top: Splendid
Shorts: H&M;
Belt: H&M;
Sandals: See by Chloe
Necklace: Heirloom
Watch: Tag Heuer
Ring: Bvlgari



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