Goodbye Dear Diagon Alley!

This is my last day hiding out in Goodwin’s Court…  We’re almost done with the restaurant interior now, the furniture has arrived, so I will be busy adding the final touches in the restaurant until it is fully decorated…  I’m already feeling nostalgic!  I am going to miss this quiet little street with its charming curved windows and gas lit street lanterns…  In a week or two, I won’t be coming to this neighbourhood everyday anymore…  I will be just another tourist instead! *sigh*

A glimpse of my restaurant project, PACATA London…  It’s almost there!
My last day in Goodwin’s Court..  Yup, we’re almost done with PACATA London!


Top: Uniqlo
Vest: Uniqlo
Jacket: Uniqlo
Trousers: H & M
Boots: Hunter Original
Hat: H & M


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