A Little Red Riding Hood Kinda Day

Happy Boxing Day everybody!  Today Covent Garden is absolutely packed with tourists and everybody out in force for bargain hunting because it’s the first day of the Christmas sale…  So, I’m hiding out in my usual place…  Goodwin’s Court or the Diagon Alley as the local tour guides would have told you… because I am not here for shopping, unfortunately…  I’m actually here because we are working over Christmas and New Year on our restaurant project which is due to open at the end of next month, January 2014 that is… or beginning of February 2014 at the very latest…

Armani Red Hood + Uniqlo Down Jacket in Diagon Alley.

It’s rather freezing today and a little rainy too, so I am completely wrap up in Uniqlo Heat Tech and Uniqlo Light Down Jacket to keep me nice and warm for a whole day of being outdoor.  Really have to thank the Japanese for inventing Heat Tech because it is such a life saver when one works outdoor in this extremely freezing weather.  For my head, though, I decided to keep warm with the puffy red hood from Emporio Armani.  I found this hood years ago… more than 20 years now in fact!  It’s been a really essential accessories to keep me warm in winter when the weather becomes so extreme that no amount of scarves, wooly hats nor ear muffs can do the job anymore!  I kinda look like Kenny from South Park today, but who cares as long as it keeps me warm right?!?  Kenny is my style inspiration for the day!

Little Red Hood is keeping me warm.  I’m Kenny today!  Photographer: Orestes Chouchoulas – We Own Cameras

We actually have a very amusing fashion conversation on site today…  The builders and I have been debating about the pros and cons of wearing white clothes versus black clothes in construction site…  With half of the us supporting the opinion that white is a better choice because of visibility and the other half supporting the view that black is better because the dirt and sweat are less visible…  You have to wear a high visibility vests anyway, so it doesn’t matter that you’re wearing a black top.  Well, I am definitely on team white…  I think that white is definitely better for high visibility, especially when we’re working in a dark basement… even if we also have to wear high visibility vest on top… but I also think that construction dusts are less visible on white jackets and clothes too!  Why?  Because plaster dusts are white and wood dust or sawdust are kind of pale beige, so if you wear black, you’ll soon be covered of white dusts, and everyone on the tube (or bus) will look at you weirdly as if you have serious dandruff problem!!  You’ll definitely need a change of clothes after you leave the site if you wear black!  If you wear white jacket, on the other hand, the white dusts are just the same colour as your clothes, so you don’t necessarily need to change your jacket after you leave the site, which is a more convenient situation for me because I walk in and out of the site many times during the course of each day.


Hood: Emporio Armani
Jacket: Uniqlo
Trousers: H & M
Boots: Hunter Original


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