A walk in Diagon’s Alley

Lunch time neighbourhood exploration brings me to a curious little gas-lit alleyway of Goodwin’s Court.  It is modestly tucked away right behind where my restaurant project is currently under construction…  A real gritty, mysterious little Victorian street.  It looks almost like one of those dark and dangerous alleyway in movie scenes of Oliver Twist or Jack The Ripper!!

Gas Lantern opposite an Italian Restaurant in Goodwin’s Court

Every hour a local guide explains to a group of tourists the significance of this little London architectural gem…  It is the home of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley!  Well, the home of the one in the first movie, and the original inspiration for the set of the following movies…  It is also one of the very last few streets in London that are still lit by Gas Lanterns…

Local guide showing a group of tourists the Diagon Alley
Gas Street Lanterns in Goodwin’s Court

There is nothing scary about this place though, in fact, it has been providing me with a peaceful escape from the crowded streets and noisy tourists in Covent Garden.  I like to hide away here to have my lunch or catch up with my notes…  I love the aged brickwork facade and the slightly curved glass windows…  They add an unusual rhythm to this old alleyway…

Lunch break reading in Diagon’s Alley
Goodwin’s Court aka Diagon’s Alley

Further down at the other end of the alleyway, of course, is the heart of Covent Garden Theatre District, St. Martin’s Lane…  Behind each of these theatres are the huge backstage door that made me feel like Alice In The Wonderland because I’ve shrunk!!

Giant Backstage Door of a nearby Theatre

Hope you enjoy my little discovery walk in Covent Garden, it is really quite a quirky district with lots of characters once you ignore the tourist areas…


Coat: Burberry Prorsum
Trousers: H & M
Boots: Hunter Original
Bag: Cath Kidson
Hat: H & M


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