Dreaming of a Yellow Submarine

Yesterday I took a detour to Monte Carlo after my short business trip to St. Tropez.  It was to check out the Monaco Yacht Show (or MYS for short) at Port Hercules, and in particularly, the World’s Premiere of Benetti’s latest Superyacht “Ocean Paradise” (see my next post for more detail).

Since we were so close by, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to see the interiors of other superyachts and latest arrays of billionaire’s gadgets.  My excuse was “this detour is in the name of ‘design research'”… yes… Totally valid reason to be there, Totally!

In general, I’m rather indifferent when it comes to yachts, boats, sailing and the likes…  I don’t mind going on one, but I never really particularly get all excited to be invited to go on one like so many other girls in London. Any ideas of wanting to own any of these things are never ever in my head altogether, They all seem so high maintenance!  But, something did catch my eyes that day…  No, it was not a superyacht, nor a yacht, nor a sailing boat, nor a jet ski, nor a helicopter neither….  It was a tiny tiny weenie little yellow submarine by U-Boat Worx Submersibles.

A small personal submarine which can submerge up to 1000 metres below the sea surface for a maximum of 8 hours approximately, with 360 degree glass enclosure as well as glass floor, for a panoramic, full surround view of underwater creatures at one’s leisure!

There were 2 models on show at MYS, a C-Explorer 2 with 2 persons capacity which could submerge up to 1000 metres, and a C-Quester 3, a 3 persons capacity which could submerge up to 100 metres.

U-Boat Worx: C-Explorer 2
U-Boat Worx: C-Quester 3

Obviously, it was the C-Explorer 2 that peaked my interest.  I loved the round glass sphere design with 2 floaters on each side, and of course the bright yellow colour.  It reminded me of those futuristic submarines I read about in Japanese mangas in my teenage years, only this one had become a reality.  It very much had the feel and simplicity of a toy.  All of a sudden, I wanted one of these!!  Out of the whole show with hundreds of yachts, superyachts and what not for the super rich on display, this was the only thing that I actually wanted to own one!  Imagine being in one of these in somewhere like the Maldives or Hawaii or the Andaman Sea to explore all those wonderful sea creatures, not to have to worry about the oxygen tanks anymore!  I could cruise around with schools of fish for 8 hours at a time!

Getting all excited, I bombarded the sales representative with endless questions, secretly hoping that may be I could start saving up, and one day soon, I would be able to have one of these to play with.  It would be a nice treat for all my hard work.

Unfortunately, I got my hopes up a little too soon…  Tiny and cute, a C-Explorer 2 may be, but the price was certainly not.  Well, I’m sure it was a bargain for a billionaire, but alas, I’m not there yet… Hmm…  It would most likely be a lifetime of saving before I would be able to buy one of these, not to mention another catch… it had to be deployed in deep water to submerge.  The sales rep advised that I would first definitely need to own a yacht, so that I could have a garage to keep this little submarine in before my dream underwater adventure could come true…  Oh well, at least I could dream about it for now…

Meanwhile, I will brush my broken dream aside, and instead, focus on enjoying the last of the summer sun, the fresh sea breeze and exploring the architecture of this small country because although it is hot and sunny in Monaco at the moment, London is already cold, rainy and grey even before I come here.

The refined architectural style of the Belle Epoque era at the Hermitage Hotel opposite Porte Hercule in Monte Carlo
Hotel De Paris Monte Carlo
Me at Le Jardin Du Casino opposite Hotel De Paris before dinner

For more information about U-Boat Worx and their submersibles, please visit www.uboatworx.com

Long sleeve top and trench coat by BURBERRY PRORSUM
Denim jeans by GOLDSIGN
Shoes by H&M;


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