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London Design Festival 2013 Part 1… It is that time of year when I travel across London to various design shows, products showrooms etc. to update my material library, collecting samples, meeting new designers, keeping in touch with existing manufacturers, suppliers, studying new products recently launch etc. in an attempt to educate myself of the vast variety of tools available for various projects at hand. 

Thousands of latest innovations were on display this year, some conceptual, some highly aesthetical but not particularly practical, but this time I stumbled upon an small Italian brand called “Design You Edit”, a collaboration between Venezia Homedesign and Ronda Design, showcasing their range of “editable” furnishers.  In other words, each piece was designed to be modified and customized to reshape every private or public space, with infinite possibility, according to the needs and creativity of the end users.  The range offered a very practical solution to small living space, especially in London.
One of my favourites were the “Magnete” range of modular shelving and storage system which utilises magnetic field to allow the users to rearrange their wall shelves whenever they want to suit their needs, without the hassle of having to drill holes into the wall.  The shelf modules come in a variety of bold colours, simple contemporary forms, and are able to support 5kg load, which is standard maximum load of a typical wall hung shelves, even if one drills into the wall for support.  I thought to myself that if only rental properties of my earlier years came with a furniture system like this, life would have been so much better for tenants to customise their living space when they moved in!!
Photo by Design You Edit : Manete 2 magnetic shelving and storage system
Photo by Design You Edit : Manete 2 close up
 The official videos below, by Design You Edit, shows how the Magnete system works:



Magnete at 100% Design
Another piece that was practical, fun and space saving was “Cubel” seating, which could be transformed into a bench, a chaise longue, a seat, a pouf, a table, a bed and many more, with just a few twists and folds.
Cubel transformable seating at 100% Design
For how the seating works, please see the video by Design You Edit, below:


There had been many attempts at transformable furnitures over the years, but most of them did not work so well in reality, even though the concept was good due to the weight of the item and complex manoeuvre involved, poor durability of the joints, and many other factors, which tend to deter most end users, but I thought the pieces I saw by Design You Edit at 100% Design show were quite simple to use… light enough to manoeuvre by a single person… very promising indeed.  What do you think?


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