The making of Burberry Prorsum SS14 Collection

This is going to be the last post I make about Burberry for a while, as my blog is becoming more about the brand than anything else, which is not the intention, but it would be a shame not to share these images of the making of the collection.  I have seen these a few weeks ago, and initially the plan was to post this before the show last Monday, but I was too tired from returning from Barcelona, and had such a hectic week since Monday that I just have not had a chance to do so.

The following images are press images from Burberry in collaboration with IPhone 5 S…

Images by Burberry shot with IPhone 5 S : Crystal gems and English hand lace
Images by Burberry shot with IPhone 5 S :Spools of threads and Concept Sketches
Images by Burberry shot with IPhone 5 S : Hand sewing intricate Crystal Gems detail on soft pastel Tulle
Images by Burberry shot with IPhone 5 S : From sketch to runway
Images by Burberry shot with IPhone 5 S : Shadow of English lace on soft pastel pink leather

What I like the most about this collection is the focus on feminine silhouette created by a combination of innovative use of British traditional crafts and the play of colours and textures.  I like how muted colour tones are offset with shots of radiant bright hues from intricate embellished gems detail on delicate fabric such as tulle and lace… how heavy materials such as leather and suede once used to create clean, modern wrap coats, can be soften by the pastel colours and the translucency of embellished rubber belts and shoes…  It feels fresh and light like the feeling one gets lying down on the grass in Hyde Park or an English country meadow soaking up the sun on a warm summer day.


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  1. May 18, 2016 / 9:05 pm

    This is both street smart and inetlligent.

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